Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reflection on Digital Story Telling Project

This was my first experience with digital storytelling, and it made a lot of sense when I went to the various websites contained in our lab manual.  However, doing it was another thing.  Summing up my experience would be the phrase, "I can't believe I did this!"  For my lack of computer knowledge, I believe that I presented a quality project.  Once I worked within the imovie product, I was relieved that it didn't seen as difficult as I had thought.  Truly, without this couse, I wouldn't have done something like this, and I really have a sense of accomplishment.

Struggles included not knowing how to get from one piece of technology (google search to get it into imovie).

Classroom applications are endless.....any subject, any grade.  It would be exciting to have students do this type of project because of the creativity involved.

Sorry; out of time.  Great project!  Thanks for the experience.

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